TMA Boat / Trailer Storage Policy and Terms of Service

For the convenience of TMA members and to more fully utilize our assets, TMA offers a limited number of paid storage spaces for boats/trailers as follows:

• The space behind the garage shall be reserved and specifically designated for use as boat/trailer storage.

• The space is provided ‘as-is’ meaning there are no special provisions for conditioning or improving the space in terms of protection from the elements (including potential damage from tree limbs, animals or other natural causes such as hail or ice) or security measures other than those already in place.

• The storage space is offered purely as a convenience. Members utilizing this designated space per these terms of service do so entirely at their own risk. By requesting and paying for reserved boat/trailer parking, members acknowledge they have read and understand these guidelines and assume all liability for any damage or loss.

• Boat/trailer storage is made available only to TMA members in good standing.

• Availability is limited by the designated storage area and shall be assigned on a first come, first served basis (based on paid reservations – see below)

• A parking ‘space’ will be assigned by the Director of Operations. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure they are only utilizing the space assigned and that they do not impede access by others.

• Utilization of the storage area shall be in compliance with these policy guidelines to ensure each party has proper access to their boat/trailer as needed.

• Any party utilizing the space in any manner not in compliance with this policy may be sanctioned, assessed charges and/or subject to other remedial actions. The TMA board has authority to move or remove improperly stored boats/trailers at the owner’s expense.

• Annual and seasonal  options are available. Summer and Winter seasonal options run from April 1st to October 31st and November 1st to March 31st respectively. 

• Annual charges are $300 per storage space. Seasonal rates are $150. Chargesmust be paid in full and in advance for each annual or seasonal option.

• Reservations will be made by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

• Payments must be mailed to the Todd Marine Association at PO Box 8001, Bloomington, IN 47407.